Friday, January 30, 2009

we parked at the doctors, got out of the 99 altima

07 Cadillac escalade parks a few stalls down

mickey: "mom we need to get one of those SUVs some day, I like them"

me: " ya, we'll see"

Mickey: " is that what its called? an S U V? "

me: " yes your right, you are so smart"

Monday, January 26, 2009

wish list

list of things I have been wishing I had for a while now

-watch battery
-perky boobs
-while we are in the appliance department I can add: new stove, refrigerator, microwave
(my fridge and microwave are in competition to see who can die first)
-more hair clients (to make some extra money, and I miss doing hair)
-more energy (I always have so much i want to do, but i run out of energy)
-garage, the mud is no fun and I feel bad for Jason at 3:40 in the morning scrapping the snow and ice off the car.
-lamps for my living room
-new camera (I'm sure Jason is sick of hearing about it)
-teachers for the primary
-sewing machine
-a place to put a sewing machine
-vacation for Jason, he hasn't been on vacation for five years! He sent me to Hawaii in the fall of 2006, I know.... I know.
- also would like to have more knowledge with computers. haven't taken a computer class since I think my sophomore year.
-printer so I can better fulfill my calling.
-better relationships with my siblings

I have a very long list and there are definitely more things i could think of, but these are the main ones i have been thinking about lately. January is a hard month for me....I feel a lot of guilt. a lot of the things on my list would help relieve some of my guilt. If I had a dishwasher perhaps I would spend less time at the sink and more time on the kids bedroom floor. If I had a printer I wouldn't have to make everyone else pick up my slack. If I had more hair clients I could take some weight of Jason's shoulders. The rest of the stuff is just me getting caught up in the world and thinking I need more.

I am really grateful for all the things we do have:
- our house
- our vehicles
- our wonderful healthy kids
- Jason and I and our relationship that continues to get better and grow all the time
- Jason's jobs
- our families and the relationships we have with them
- our good friends
- my calling
- the gospel
- the ability to do hair to make some extra money
- the ability to stay home with my kids
and much much more

Friday, January 23, 2009

lets eat!

As some of you know I finally started cooking this summer. well now I am struggling with ideas, i have about ten meals I make and we like, but we need something new. so please give me some help either put a recipe on my blog as a comment or post it on your blog and i will get it there. I like easy things, remember I am a rookie and also if there are any funny/different ingredients in your recipes please tell me where to find them in the grocery store. thanks I am looking forward to some new meal ideas. oh and here are some of our regulars just so you dont give me that recipe: meat rolls, tacos, chicken casserole, chicken tacos, chicken enchiladas, chicken pillows, zitti.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

walking with the dinosaurs

here is my hot man riding the train to the delta center where we went to see the dinosaurs on saturday.

mickey waiting for the trian

grandma torg took us and magan and brady went too. it was pretty cold that day, sunny but cold

I had too much fun taking pics at galavan plaza down town, i love the lines and old buildings with all the windows, and poles. so sorry there are so many pics.

waiting for the train.

walking to the train station.

mickey, grandma and brady watchin the show, mickey got a cool toy that he would turn on when he got scared.

the t-rex!

it was dark and we were really high so the pics didnt turn out very well.

dahlia thought it was cool at first then she ended up having more fun putting the popcorn tub on her head like a hat, she also tried putting it on dad and moms head too. our heads were too big.

i thought she was so funny, i think i was the only one who thought it was sooo funny, i took a tun of pics because i was laughing my head off.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 3rd

here is Jason's birthday cake i finally made it work, this was my third attempt at this cake, if you have been following my post you will see that my first attempt was Kayla's birthday. check it out it was in august.

by now you should all know I am a slow blogger, Jason's birthday was ten days ago and I am now just putting the pics up. We were in Salt Lake that week, we went to the Utah basketball game on new years eve, then stayed up late playing games. then the next day Jay and I were able to get away together to see a movie in a theatre! something that only happens about three or four times a year. we also went to lunch at spaghetti mommas. which by the way was very yummy, and had a very nice atmosphere as well. It was a very nice day we always love our time alone together so we can carry on a conversation with out worrying about little ears, or big screams! Jason's birthday fell on a Saturday and we threw a bay shower for his sister Holly. thanks to Brady, Jay got to ditch out on the shower and go to another Utah basket ball game with Ty.

Oh! I almost forgot the most important thing! Friday night was the Sugar bowl, we went to uncle Kori's to watch the game. It was one of the most fun and shocking games I have witnessed. Go Utes!

we came home Saturday night then Sunday we had birthday cake!

careful Jay don't burn the house down. ha ha i am so funny! never heard that joke before.

I have been thinking about the things you do that make me smile and wanted to know, so:
although this first one can sometimes also make me frown it makes me smile and sometimes even laugh when you attach yourself so emotionally to a sports game that you yell LOUD at the TV and with a little bit of whine in your voice like your going to cry.
when you ask me to come talk to you while you poop.
when you "fight" with the kids
when you do the dishes
I love when I get in the car after you have been driving with the kids in the back and I try to look at the vehicle behind me in my rear view mirror and only see car seats. I love that you don't want to miss what silly or typical thing they are doing, but probably not the safest idea.
when I come to bed after you and you have the bed all warm for me, I love to cuddle your warm body.
when I offer to go do my job and you refuseto let me and do it for me.
when you say those funny cliche things
when you ask me what a cliche is
when I ask for a ladle and you hand me a colander
but mostly when you tell me you love me and thank me for dinner.
thank you for all you do for me, and for loving me with all of your heart. you are the best!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

christmas day

this is mickey at about nine pm christmas night after my sisters amy and bobi got him all dressed in whatever they could find to go out and play in the snow! they stayed out till like ten.

this was at my moms house christmas night after we opened presents Amy and Mickey were throwing all the wrapping paper on dalli and she loved it.

this is mickey trying to play the guitar he got from Kayla, he needs to learn how to hold it. it was the perfect gift for him because Jason got guitar hero for christmas so the next day the both got up and played their guitars together.

mickey and jay playing with the haunted house track grandma torg gave him. it is perfect for mic because he loves cars and he loves anything scary.

this is Jay and dee playing with the doll house santa braught, it didnt wrap it just left it out for her so we had hard time getting her to open any gifts, she just wanted to play with it.

here is Dahlia in her hat and gloves santa gave her. she thought she was pretty cool.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


December was a big blur to me but here are a few things I did take some pictures of going from the end of december to the first.

here we are on the 23rd at the torgs house in our new christmas p.j.s

this is at the big torg family christmas party. this santa has had the same suit and beard since jason was mickeys age. luckily the kids dont notice.

Dahlia was so brave, didnt cry or eve reach for me, even after she got her gift, all the other kids her age were scared of santa, dahlia was just so serious the look on her face in the picture was the look on her face the whole like five minutes that she just sat on santas lap and stared at every body, except when mickey yelled "Dahlia" and smiled at her then she smiled for a brief second at him. it was a little akward when she wouldnt come back to me. I wasnt sure what to do, and santa didnt seem to want to give her up.

here are all of us girls and mickey and g pa in the back ground

For enrichment in our ward we did a cookie exchange. everyone took three dozen cookies of their own to exchange then when you came home you would have a variety of three dozen cookies. It was a good idea and a fun activity.

mickey and my mom helped me to make all my cookies.

this is when the kids ruined our wrapping paper, by pulling it all off the roll and wrapping themselves and each other in it.

here is mickey all wrapped up, sorry i forgot to turn the pic.