Monday, September 22, 2008

"show me your face"

shortly after Kyle came back from phillie he came to our house with Amy and my dad. Dahlia hadnt seen him since May. My dad was holding Dahlia, because that is where she usually is if Grandpa Webb is around, anyway, Kyle said he would look at her and she would give him a dirty look. Since then we have trained her to do it when we say, "show me your face." here is a picture i was able to snap of it and also a clip of it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

two years ago today.

I was in Hawaii, with my sister Amy. she went there to work for the summer and convinced me to come visit her. It was a lot of fun, and it was so beautiful. I hope my one day Jase and I can go back together. That was the only bad thing about the trip. I was in one of the most romantic places on earth and my Husband was at home working hard to pay for my trip. Thanks Jason for supporting me in that and sending me. You are the best husband ever! He is, sorry to all of you that thought your husband was the best. you are wrong. Thanks Amy and Nesha for showing me a great time, sorry about the waterfall thing. but i really dont regret it. here are a few pics.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I have a very pointless window in my kitchen, it is the only window in the kitchen but it just goes into my laundry room because originally there was no laundry room( my house was built in 1904) so anyway, I think it is ugly and I want to do something with it, but not sure what. I have a few ideas, but thought someone else would have better ones. so what do you think? here is a picture of it, the first is the side in the kitchen and then the side in the laundry room.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dahlias doctor appt.

I finally got Dahlia into the doctor for her one year appt. I waited until september because or new insurance year started in sept. and i didnt want to pay towards last years deductible. anyway she is 28 1/2 inches tall which is in the 20th percentile and she weighs 18lbs 7 oz which is in the fifth percentile. she is healthy and growing well, but had to get FIVE!! shots. she cried so long and hard, broke my little heart. and has had diarrhea ever since which has given her a sad sad diaper rash.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

second week of preschool

Well he went and was a big boy again! the bribes all seemed to work. today he also went to the teachers house and played with her five year old son, Hunter, so I hope he got over his little mood. there is preschool again tomorrow so I hope he goes, if he throws a fit again I am going to start to worry about multiple personalities. we took another picture.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

six things about me.

I am killing two birds with one stone because I was tagged by Toni and Holly for similar tags.

1. I forgot how much I enjoy running. I got into it once in high school when we were prepping for trek and they told us to break in our shoes and get use to walking a lot. I would run for like an hour and it was so therapeutic, well I haven't run at all since then well except like from first base to second and so on. recently Jason bought me a gym pass, nice huh, what would you think if your husband gave you a gym pass. anyway that is another story. so i have been running again not a tun, I just make sure I go at least three times a week, and it has made me quite a bit happier. I have noticed that when it is that time of month I don't get the moods as bad as I use to, and I don't get down on myself so much.

2. My favorite channel is HGTV, I am watching it now as I blog. My favorite show is designed to sell. I recently discovered that it is also my Grandma Joys favorite channel too, she is always telling me about what she watched and I have usually also seen it, but I don't tell her that I just let her tell her stories.

3. I hate to upset people, well except if they cut me off or are right on my tail, or if they make a rude comment, or if they treat me or others close to me badly, then I love to piss them off!

4. I got married way to young, but having babies made me grow up and catch up to my circumstances, I would never recommend getting married at 18. What was I thinking, why didn't you say something? It has worked out wonderfully for me, but I would never tell anyone to do it.

5. I have a strong testimony of the gospel, especially of being with our loved ones again after this life, and of our prayers being answered the best for us, and of paying tithing and keeping the sabbath day holy. I also feel that God has done so much for me that the little things like going to church and fulfilling my calling is the least I can do for him. there is so much more I need to do for him.

6. I love watching Football, but really only with Jason. and I love watching baseball and softball, but only really with my Dad. I think it is because they know the sprt so well and they help me remember the rules sometimes the same rules three times durring the same game, and because I can talk their ear off whether or not they are really listening.

Monday, September 8, 2008


last tuesday was mickeys first day of preschool. he was such a big boy. he was excited to wear his new batman backpack and to go by himself to preschool. I missed him when he was gone, but it was nice to have time alone with Dahlia. two hours later we went to pick him up. we told him we missed him and he said," i missed you mom."

then on thursday mickeys second day of preschool. he said he didnt want to go but I took him anyway and he cried, and screamed. I didnt know what to do so the teacher told me she would just take him and that he would calm down. I didnt really think he would, but I let her take him and I walked around the corner so that he couldnt see me. but he screamed and screamed and screamed. it was so sad. finally i went back in and stayed with him while Miss Kris read a story to the kids, he did better but was not about to stay by himself. so we came home.

Jason told him that if he wasnt going to go to preschool that he didnt need a back pack and that we would have to take it back. I told him after preschool on tuesday i would take him to Mc Donalds. so he is planning on going. we will see. wish me luck and say a little prayer that I will know how to deal with the situation, also any advice is welcomed and wanted.