Wednesday, June 17, 2009

as of tonight....

K here is the plan.
As most of you know Jason has been going to school on and off the entire time I have known him. Most people either wait until they are done with school to get married or wait till they are done with school to have children......we did not........ so here we are still struggling to get through school.
Jason has found a two year program at SLCC that he is interested in. It is the OTA program (occupational therapist assistant). right now he is working on two of the pre rec. classes he needs to be excepted into th program. He has to pass the classes with at least a B, so we are working very hard every night. Summer classes are very compact. They cover a lot of info in a short amount of time. The program only starts each fall semester and is full time. (8am-3 or 4pm, mon-thurs).
what about work?..... well the plan is to sell our home next spring/summer and move in with very kind and gracious, Mom and Dad Torgerson, into their basement. I will work in the evenings and weekends, and Jason will have the summers off to make some money.
This is our plan as of now. it is a year away so there are many factors that could happen to change our plan, but if all goes well (and we pray that they will) we will be living in the salt lake valley next fall, and THE BEST PART Jason wont have to clean poopers for a living anymore! He has for years just to support his family and make us all happy and comfortable, he has put his life on hold for us, and for that I am very grateful! For that reason he is MY super hero, my MAN, my LOVE. thanks Jason for all you do for us, I know it isnt easy AT ALL. I love you and admire you soooo much, sorry I dont always show it.
ANYWAY BACK TO THE BLOG, just wanted everyone to know our plan it's easier then explaining it twenty times. Oh and if anyone knows a occupational therapist or OTA let us know Jason has to job shadow three of them this summer!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

just for my die hards

its been so long since i blogged i cant even remember how to do it, these were supposed to go last because i wanted you to see that her face was so dirty but not to worry because monty is on cleaning face duty.

we put dahlia in an old pair of mickeys pajamas, actually they still kind of fit Mickey, he would still wear them if we didnt put them on dally the other night! She loves them and the ball on them. we think she looks adorable in them and wish we had more of mics pajamas in good condition for her.

here is the before dirty face picture!

I didnt think anyone still looked at my blog since i went so long with out posting gald to see you are all still there! I have been veiwing all of yours, just havent had anything ot post about.