Friday, March 27, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

on tv
go to this site to see Jason and ty on tv, behind the coach after the game!
its kind of a long video they are about 2min and 45 seconds into it if you dont want to watch the whole clip.

mwc tournament

As I have mentioned many times before, Jason needs a vacation desperately. He has always wanted to go to Vegas for the tournament down there. We have been expecting our taxes to come any day, so Jason said if our returns come in time that we would go down. I just said okay, thinking the money wouldn't come in time. The tournament started on Thursday, and the money came on Friday. To late you say? not for Jason, more like just in time. so we called Jason's mom to see if she would watch the kids for the weekend, she agreed, so kind, at the last minute.
I was telling Mickey about our plans, he asked if we were going to sleep over at grandma torgs. I said," yes, you are." he smiled and kind of laughed, "are you teasing mom?" i said, "no" he said, " we cant sleep over, we have the pajammy party tomorrow." I forgot all about the Primary Party Saturday morning that we had been planning for the last month, so I couldn't go. I called Jason's brother and asked if he could go with Jason. So the two took off and headed down. they went to i think four basketball games in less then 24 hours! kind of glad I couldn't go. so he finally got a little small vacation, I guess. Utah won the tournament so it made it even more exciting! I have never seen Jason take so many pictures! don't worry I will spare you and only post a few of the many pics.

I think he took a picture of every player cutting his piece of the net off, they all look the same to me. sorry i cant tell you their names either.

this picture was for mickey because he loves cars, and he loves this pic too!