Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We finally get to go to DISNEYLAND!
we are so EXCITED!

Tomorrow is Mickeys HALLOWEEN PARTY at preschool!
Friday is the HALLOWEEN PARTY at my moms!
then after the Halloween party we are going to GRANDMA TORGS HOUSE!
Saturday is carving pumpkins and trick or treating in West Jordan.
After trick or treating we are driving to ST. GEORGE to sleep for the night.
Sunday we get up early drive to Las Vegas to stop at the M&M FACTORY, and maybe the Rain Forrest cafe!
then comes the LONG drive through the dessert
...hope we don't break down, because we don't have cell phones...
later that night we will check into the Red Lion in Anaheim (thanks Amy)
Disney land here we come!
oh and we are going to Sea world one day and hope to find time for the beach, even thought Mickey says he doesn't want to go cause he is scared of crabs.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

can you say Halloween?

this is at Garnder village. we had to bribe the kids to be good for pictures and wear their picture clothes with seeing the witches and getting pumpkins. Sorry I cut Caprie out, I was trying to make sure I got the witch In the sky!

Mickey and Dahlia riding in the wheel barrel with the pumpkins while dad pushed them around.
this is My very cute sister in law, isnt she beautiful?
oops not a very good pic. this is holly and caprie with their pumpkins!
Lindsee and Ty with their pumpkin, their babyO was sleeping in the stroller, it was a long day for babies.
Caprie with her huge pumpkin, Holly ended up getting her a smaller one

Dahlia trying to pick up the pumpkin she wanted. She almost got it.
Look how cute Dahlias hair is all curled!
Mickey loves Halloween! The decorations, the movies, being scared, and of course the candy candy candy! he loves it all! His favorite Halloween movies are: Casper, Hocus Pocus, Garfield Halloween, the headless horseman and the Changeling!
Jason loves Halloween too, here are his yard decorations!
Jason use to always ask his Grandma Torg to play the Micheal Jackson Thriller music video movie at her house when he was little. When I was pregnant with Mickey she gave Jason this Frankenstien, that dances to the Thriller song, because it still reminded her of him. The kids love it!
Mickey wanted to take pictures of the decorations in the house, so grandma Torg could see them
Mickey and Dahlia in their Halloween clothes Grandma Torg sent them in their Halloween package!

Friday, October 23, 2009

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BABY "O"! ! !

Olivia Lee Torgerson is the newest addition to the Torgerson Family. Daughter of Lindsee and Tyson (Tyson is Jason's brother) She was born Aug. 31st? We all love her so much already. Above is me holding her at her house on her blessing day, and that is Dahlia being jealous that I was holding the baby and Dahlia wasn't. Oh how Dally loves babies.
here is dahlia having a turn a week or two before the blessing day. Aren't thy so precious?
Dahlia doesnt say Olivia very well, so she just calls her Baby O.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

pics of the vacation, never did the slide show

Relaxing in the hotel room

Jason jumping off the cliff. No (Amy) I did not jump off.
Jason outside the pool they use to Love as kids, in Richfield
this is the canal they use to skip rocks on as kids in Richfield with Dad.
I mad him skip a rock so I could take a picture :)

Me waiting for Jason to jump.

Bryce and Red Canyon were beautiful, my camera doesn't do it justice

Sunday, October 4, 2009

autumn (aka fall)

About two weeks ago we were able to take a drive up the canyon to view the leafs, we went up Black Smith Fork Canyon here in Hyrum. There were tons of beautiful leafs, but not a lot of places to take any pics of the kids. I found this ONE orange tree on the side of the road, but by that time the kids were kind of ornery, so I only got a few good pics, not to mention we say a dead snake and Jason kept saying, " watch out for the snakes." The kids were not about to put their backs to the bushes and smile.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

come follow ME!

I dont know if anyone has noticed, but on my list of "buddies and pals" it tells me when you last posted and what the title was. But when some one goes private it doesn't give me the updates anymore. So sign up to follow my blog then you will know when I have a new post. And put this on your blog if you are private so I can become a follower of your blog too and see when you have a new post. thanks!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Things we have learned since the weather crossed over to the dark side:

-Monty is a wuss, whines in the cold, so he is in the house a lot more driving us all crazy!
-the girl down the street nose runs like crazy when it is cold :/
-Dahlia doesn't like long sleeves or long pants. sleeves seem to get in the way and all pants are way to long for her because she has such short legs.
-my kids love to shove things down the heat vent registers
-the smell of the horses isn't so bad while working in the garden.
-we got a ton of tomatoes this year and a pretty good amount of peppers.
-my kids have grown a lot more then i realized since March/April, the last time they wore their warm clothes.
-I am even less of a morning person when it is cold!