Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I know I haven't updated in forever! I got a new camera and have yet to figure out how to get my pics off of it and onto my computer. I am kind of scared to try things because I don't want to ruin anything.
We are pretty much all ready for Christmas at our house, just need to get the grandpas gifts, but that SHOULD be easy. Mickey and Dahlia LOVE Christmas time and everything that goes along with it: lights, presents, Santa, parties, decorations, candy and treats, and Baby Jesus. I ask Mickey at least once a day why we celebrate Christmas and he thinks for a minute then says, "Jesus" and I say,"what about Jesus?" and he says, "he was born." thats good for now right?
Jason and I are enjoying the Santa threat, but we double up and also use the Grinch threat, that if Mickey is naughty the Grinch will come steal Christmas, that one seems to work better for him!
We got a bunkbed for the kids. they climb ALL OVER it. Dally has only slept in the bed once before and I put her in it tonight because she was soo tired i figured she wouldnt goof around and get out and she is now fast asleep.
I will work on getting my pics on the computer so I can post more!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

our first family vacation

It was a blast! the kids were so fun! They loved it and had so much fun. everything about the vacation was new and exciting for them, even the hotel room and badContinental breakfast in St. George. Mickey is usually such a good sleeper in the car that we didn't worry about him being a problem at all, but he was on a high and hardly slept at all, but was still a good boy considering.
My sister Amy works for the Red Lion in Idaho and she got us a great deal at the one in Anaheim that was only like a block and a half away from Disneyland, we were sad to leave the comfy beds and the maids cleaning up after us. We popped popcorn and watched aChristmas movie every night we stayed there.
Mickey loved the rides at Disneyland! especially the Matterhorn, thunder and space mountain. Dahlia on the other hand was "scawed" (scared) the whole time, mostly because the rides are dark and all have a scary element. (small world was closed). I think Dahlias favorite ride was the Pooh Bear ride, because it was the only one that wasn't dark or scary, plus we got to see Pooh,Tigger and Eeyore after the ride, she LOVED that.
Dahlia wasn't tall enough to go on space, thunder and splash mountain. they had the nicest thing where one of us could take mickey then afterward the other could take mickey, go through the exit and get right back on the ride. Wedidn't really need it on splash and thunder mountain though we hit those first thing Wednesday morning and there was no line!
We did Disney on Monday then Seaworld Tuesday and Disney again Wednesday. we probably should have done Seaworld first. I think if we would have the kids would have appreciated it more, well mickey anyway. Dahlia loved the watching the walrus, sadly Jason was with Mickey on the simulator ride so we didn't have the camera for the walrus. they had a few sesame street rides that i thought were pretty lame, but it was probably Mickeys favorite part aboutSeaworld . they also had a big jungle gym/play area that was fun to do in between shows. my favorite show was the Pets Rule show, I think the kids really liked that one too.
We never made it to the beach, but we were fine with it, I really didn't want to deal with the sand and convincing Mickey it was safe on the day we started our long drive home.


This was Dahlias favorite part of Seaworld. She did summersaults and jumped and stacked blocks.

Tea cups was our first ride, we walked right on no line, and Dahlia liked it because it wasn't scary
Waiting to see the Honey I Shrunk the audience show, Mickey was so scared to get shrunk that we HAD to tell him was just pretend. like how we cut Dahlia out of this pic, every time we tried taking one like this of all of us we cut one of the kids out.
when we cam out from the show Minnie was waiting for us, she was the first character we saw there, look at Dahlia touching her cheek, so cute
sitting on Mickey mouses couch with my Mickey
MIckey mouse house
He never did get these off the ground, Jay and I both tried as well, they were a lot heavier then they look

Tigger was a little to hyper for Mom and Dad so we didn't get in the picture.
Waiting for the song and dance parade that was so fun, and gave us the energy we needed to walk back to the hotel and get some dinner.

this is one of Tinks friends but I didn't catch her name, hope i dont ever run into her that would be embarrasing.

Dahlia loves Tinkerbell now and I love to hear her say "in er bew"

On Monday all the Halloween decorations were still up, then Wednesday they had the start of the Christmas decorations up! we were so excited!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Mickey and Dahlia Dahlia had a cute pirate hat that went with her costume, but she wouldn't wear it so I put her hair in Braids and she pulled them out!

Bobi taking pictures of herself while the rest of us work hard to make the cookies

family of pirates
hulk hogan
police officer and a disco girl?
Jjason stirring the witches brew
Tyson had to be in the picture because Olivia would cry if he wasn't holding her!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We finally get to go to DISNEYLAND!
we are so EXCITED!

Tomorrow is Mickeys HALLOWEEN PARTY at preschool!
Friday is the HALLOWEEN PARTY at my moms!
then after the Halloween party we are going to GRANDMA TORGS HOUSE!
Saturday is carving pumpkins and trick or treating in West Jordan.
After trick or treating we are driving to ST. GEORGE to sleep for the night.
Sunday we get up early drive to Las Vegas to stop at the M&M FACTORY, and maybe the Rain Forrest cafe!
then comes the LONG drive through the dessert
...hope we don't break down, because we don't have cell phones...
later that night we will check into the Red Lion in Anaheim (thanks Amy)
Disney land here we come!
oh and we are going to Sea world one day and hope to find time for the beach, even thought Mickey says he doesn't want to go cause he is scared of crabs.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

can you say Halloween?

this is at Garnder village. we had to bribe the kids to be good for pictures and wear their picture clothes with seeing the witches and getting pumpkins. Sorry I cut Caprie out, I was trying to make sure I got the witch In the sky!

Mickey and Dahlia riding in the wheel barrel with the pumpkins while dad pushed them around.
this is My very cute sister in law, isnt she beautiful?
oops not a very good pic. this is holly and caprie with their pumpkins!
Lindsee and Ty with their pumpkin, their babyO was sleeping in the stroller, it was a long day for babies.
Caprie with her huge pumpkin, Holly ended up getting her a smaller one

Dahlia trying to pick up the pumpkin she wanted. She almost got it.
Look how cute Dahlias hair is all curled!
Mickey loves Halloween! The decorations, the movies, being scared, and of course the candy candy candy! he loves it all! His favorite Halloween movies are: Casper, Hocus Pocus, Garfield Halloween, the headless horseman and the Changeling!
Jason loves Halloween too, here are his yard decorations!
Jason use to always ask his Grandma Torg to play the Micheal Jackson Thriller music video movie at her house when he was little. When I was pregnant with Mickey she gave Jason this Frankenstien, that dances to the Thriller song, because it still reminded her of him. The kids love it!
Mickey wanted to take pictures of the decorations in the house, so grandma Torg could see them
Mickey and Dahlia in their Halloween clothes Grandma Torg sent them in their Halloween package!