Friday, September 24, 2010

dahlia turned 3 like two months ago

the cake I made her for the torgerson party, it was the checkerboard inside but didnt get a picture of that.

blowing out the candles at Grandma Julee's house just before my camera battery died

dahlia with all her gifts and mickey with his sunglasses Brady bought him

Sunday, September 5, 2010


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Mickey was so excited to go to kindergarten the day of that he got up at 730 and got dressed, got his shoes on and backpack and asked me to brush his teeth. then he had to wait a few hours till it was time to go to afternoon kindergarten.
Jason and I were very happy that Mickey was excited we were nervous and thought he wouldn't want to go. He gave us such a hard time in pre-school.
Dahlia was excited too, she lined up with the class and when I told her we had to leave to go home she was upset, she wanted to stay and go to "inda arten".