Wednesday, July 30, 2008


heres a little game...leave a comment on my blog of a memory you and i have had together. it doesnt matter if you have known me for a long time or a short time, anything you remember. next, repost these instructions on your blog and see what people say about you. if you leave a comment on my blog i will assume you are playing and i will comment on yours. it should be fun! oh and even if you dont have a blog leave a comment please.

Friday, July 25, 2008


I just barely realized Anylyn tagged me, i havent been blogging very well lately.
And i am not writting all the questions so hopefully by my answers you will figure out what the question waa.
1. we have been married for five and a half years. spouse is 27 1/2
3. I think Jason eats more than me.
4.Jason said "I love you" first, like a wekk after he said he thought he was falling in love with me, it scared the crap out of me and I made him leave. but i was ready for it when he did say he loved me. what a difference a week can make huh?
5. Jason is like two and a half inches taller so yes Jason is the taller one, unless i wear really tall shoes but that is out of character of me.
6. Jason controls the remote unless there is nothing on then he so kindly brings it to me and says you can watch what ever you want. or sometimes I try to control it but some how he always sneeks it away.
7. Whos temper is the worst? depends on who is hungriest or hottest. we are about the same I
8.Who does the laundry? I usually do and wish it was always me. Jason is so good to try and help and i really appreciate it, but it makes me nervous and if he starts a cycle I finish it.
9. Usually i do, we dont have a dishwasher so I have to keep up on them durring the day, but yesterday jason did some. or my mom does.
10 .Jason does, he says the bed slants to that side, so when he sleeps on the left he ends up falling to my side, i think it is because i am always cuddling him at night so i have made a perminenet groove in the mattress.
11. When we are able to eat dinner together I do, unless it is hamburgers or hotdogs or anything on the grill.
12. who is more stubborn? we are not stubborn, no we are not!
13. the first to admit they are wrong? me deffinately but jay is getting better all the time, he is learning from my example.
14. whos parents do we see the most? well I see my parents more, but as a couple I think it is pretty even.
15. who has more friends? I do, but more people like Jason, if that makes sense.
16. Who has more siblings? it is even, unless you count siblings spouses then Jay diffinately.
17. who wears the pants in the family? these days none of us it is to hot we usually wear shorts. but on sundays Jason does and sometimes mickey does.

k so i ended up writting some of the questions out. well I tag Christie, JaCoy, Toni, Erica, Jana, Ashley, and Jen. if you are not sure what the question was you can link to Analyns.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


The boats was the first ride Dahlia went on, and though you cant tell in this pic she really liked it especially when Mickey would let HER ring the bell.
Here they are the cars Mickey is in heaven, he loves cars!
Mickey saw all the kids playing in the foutnain and tried to get in on the fun, but as soon as he would get close to some of the water, it would dissapear and come out somewhere it else. it was funny to watch him running and then.......nothing.
Dahlia is such a wriggle worm that while we were waiting in line, it was just easiest to put her on the dirty ground with no shoes on to hold on to the railing, her feet were black at the end of the day. this face she is making is her famous face, if you see her and dont see her do this face it is pretty much unbelieveable.
This is Mickey and Jay onthe lady bug drop. I really like this ride myself. I was excited to see what Mickey would do once he was on, and it was going, but he showed no reaction, until the very end, after it was over he started crying. it was the wierdest thing, I was sad because I wanted to go with him on the dinosaur one.
Sorry I havent posted anything new lately, i just thought i didnt have anything to post, but then i remembered that I never posted about when we went to Lagoon about a month ago.

We went on the Thiokol Lagoon day my dad got us the tickets for less then half the price and they fed us, and we got drinks all day and ice cream. I thought it was a really good deal until Erica told me they are going for free with Chads work. Mickey loved it and was so brave! we went not sure how we felt about putting Dahlia on the rides, but decided too and she loved it! this pic is of me and mic on the puff roller coaster, he even dared to put his arms in the air, (kind of). about half way through the ride i looked in the seat behind us where Jason was with Dahlia. Dahlias face was so funny i wish i could have taken a picture. she looked nervous and was holding on tight, but she didnt cry or anything so unless you could see her strained face you wouldnt know she was scared. I couldnt stop laughing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Name eight TAG.

Eight things I have a passion for

-my family
-making my home look nice
-enjoying good weather

Eight things I want to do before I die

-see both my children go through the temple
-watch the sun rise
-retire and enjoy Jason
-have a need for a passport
-go to the temple with my siblings
-see my children graduate from college
-have a better relationship with kyle

Eight things I say a lot

-this is hollee calling on behalf of Acura
-on a scale from one to ten
-what are we doing?
-im so proud of you
-i love you

Eight books I have read latley
-New Moon
-now reading Eclipse
-At Home in Mitford
-The Scarlet Letter
-Are You My Mother
-Caterpillar to Butterfly
-Room Redux

Eight movies I have seen eight times

-Alvin and the Chipmunks
-Home Alone
-Home Alone 2

Eight people I tag

-everyone else already got tagged

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Friday, July 4, 2008

logan pool with "kaywa"

Mickey was so funny. he wanted me to go with him on the slide, so we climbed up the latter and stood in line. The boy in front us swung on the bar above him before he went down. mickey saw this and wanted to do the same thing. I told him he had to go down by himself if he wanted to do that so he did. I was SHOCKED! it was a twisty slide, just as he got to the first little bend i heard him whimpering, "mama" but he went down by himself and the lady caught him at the bottom. Kayla said his face was in shock too. He didnt like it and had Kayla take him the next time.

last wednesday kayla went with us over to the logan pool. I am so glad that she lives close enough to come hang out with us, and that she is so good to me and my kids. Mickey loves when she calls and comes over. Just so everyone knows if you go to a public city pool you have to have swimmers and then the state approved diaper cover thing too on your kids three and under. we didnt know this we purchased the state approved ones for both mic (even though he is potty trained) and dee. they were eight bucks a piece. we decided we should have told them mic was four and paid five dollars for him to get in it would have been cheaper. oh and they didnt have any boy diaper things left so he had to wear a pink one with flowers on it.

falling and scrapes

i am surprised you noticed my leg in that picture toni. here is a better one for you that i took two days later when we went with my sister Kayla to the logan pool.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hyrum Reservoir

Last week our neighbor April (the one on the left) invited us to go over to Hyrum Reservoir with her and her friends. mickey was so excited! It was fun except for the falling, and the like twenty minute hike through sage brush. next time I will just take the kids to the beach side.