Tuesday, February 23, 2010

bitter sweet

Dahlia is a big girl! she uses the toilet all the time now. we do put a diaper on her at night, nap time and when on the go (so much easier then using public restrooms with a two year old.) the bag of diapers we have now should be our last! yay! my baby is not a baby anymore, kind of sad, mostly not!

Monday, February 15, 2010

more from the box

What is your first memory of Valentines day? Remember the days when we got to make our own boxes for the Valentine party in Elementary? That was the best part of the Holiday for me and is what most of my memories of the heart filled day are made of.
The first Valentine Memory I can recall does not include the making of the box. Now remember that my memory is foggy, so if while telling of this memory it sounds a bit like a dream, where nothing really makes sense, we will blame my memory and the fact that I was very young at the time and my views life and time were very different from what they are now.
I think I was probably six or seven. I remember it was after school and all the Valentine hoopla with friends. I am quite certain that my Mom was usually the one who took care of all the holiday fun and gifts throughout most of my childhood.
That year was different for some reason. I remember being at home with my mom and siblings. We, were all hyped up on many sorts of sugars and excitement! My dad, I was told, was out getting our Valentines. I was so excited for him to come home to see what we got (greedy).
I don't think I even let my dad get past the entry way before demanding my gift. Dont really remember how the rest went, but I know I got a little red vinyl coin purse with gold a gold clasp, and I think my sister Amy got a blue one?
I suppose this is not what I had envisioned my Valentine should be. I'm not sure what I did, but I let my sweet dad (who had gone out and spent his night trying to pick out something he thought his little girls would like) know that I was not impressed nor was I happy with what I got!
Later, not sure if it was minutes, hours, days, weeks, or years, but later my mom and I had a talk (we use to have a lot of talks). She let me know how excited my dad was that he had found those cute little coin purses for us and how much he thought we would like them. I felt, and still feel, pain when I think of how I acted toward my dad, when he was giving me a thoughtful gift.

I keep it in my memory box to remind me of the love my dad has for me and everything he has done and continues to do for me. Also to remind me to not be a selfish brat. So sorry and sad to admit it, but this is an issue I have to continually work on.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I just started a new blog! Check it out holleesphotos.blogspot.com you can link to it on the side bar.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

my memory box

I have a terrible short term memory and not a great long term memory, so I have box to keep things to help me remember. As most of you know we will be moving sometime in the next six months so I have been de-cluttering my house and moving this and that to our storage shed. When I got to my memeory box, I had shoved under my dresser, I stopped to look. I found lots of fun things that I have gone over every time I go through the box, but this time I found something I don't remember seeing before, but like I said, bad memory. It is a letter Amy wrote me when she was 6 1/2 and I was 9. I hope you enjoy its sweetness as much as I did when I read it for the first time again the other day.

Monday, February 8, 2010

mickeys fifth

Dahlia and Mickey fighting over who was opening the gifts, ha ha Dahlia just wanted to help, because Mickey always helps her.
getting cozy, I think they thought we were going to lay down to watch the movie and eat popcorn
The best part of the whole birthday was that Mickey insisted on having a Princess and the Frog cake. I tried to talk him into just doing the frog or doing something more boy like, but he said he loves the princess and wanted her! a few days earlier my mother in law found him kissing a picture of Princess Tiana. He told me that he like the way she looks, her face, and her dress and her brown.

After last years fiascoes we decided that one party would be plenty this year.
Mickey even said he didn't want ANY parties, but as his birthday got closer he decided he did want one with his grandmas and grandpas. He wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese so we thought that would be a good place to have everyone meet, so we wouldn't have to clean our house just to have it be a mess again. Not to mention the fact that our house was kind of torn apart from getting it ready to sell.
On mickeys birthday (last Tuesday) We gave mic his gifts. put blankets out on the floor, popped popcorn and watched Ratatouille, he got it as one of his gifts.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

why so itchy?

Jason and I just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary!
Time really does fly when you have having fun!
Dahlia must be tuns of fun because ever since she showed up life and time has been a blur
I cant believe we have lived in our home for almost 3 years now ( I Love our home sweet home).

Jason and I were discussing our wedding day and things we remembered about it.

somehow Jason "remembers" my family being ornery and fighting that morning. We didn't even SEE him till we got to the temple and I think only me and my parents saw him, not the whole family. he obviously doesn't really remember it he just likes to tease me about it. Thanks Jason, I love you too.
I do know why he says this though. It is all thanks to my little sister Bobi, who was eight at the time. apparently she too remembers ME being ornery that morning, and she took it upon herself to inform the whole world about it! thanks Bobi.

Another memory we both remember well (I didn't think of until Jason brought it up). Sitting in the celestial room while our family and close friends gathered in the sealing room. It was time for just the two of us to relax with one another and enjoy each others company. The rest of the day seemed to be about everyone or everything else, you know?

I remember after being sealed Jason and I and our Moms walking to the elevator talking. don't know what we talking about or anything, but I mostly remember an overall happy feeling we all shared. You can tell that was one of my memories (kinda weird).

then we changed and went outside for pictures in the freezing cold with no flowers! and the lady doing our video making us run around the trees, now everyone makes fun of it. oh well what ev.

Then we went back into the temple to change again! into street clothes.
I am not sure why, but Jason had my car that day and drove it to the temple (probably because I didn't want to ride in his little rusty pick up on our wedding day). anyway after changing Jason and I (oh wait we are alone together again) walked down to my car and in my seat he had flowers for me (sigh). I thought that was very thoughtful, although it was probably his mom's thought, not his so much. thanks Kaylene.

At the reception I don't remember a lot. I remember my cousin Luke coming through the line. he was wearing a black golf type shirt with red pinstripes. (our colors were red, white and black) not sure if he did that on purpose or not but it made me remember him.

I remember some strange girl I had no idea who she was caught my bouquet. duh. and shoving the cake in Jason's face. He was pissed because it went up his nose and it hurt! oops! hahaha I am so funny! My mom's mission companion and good friend of the family (Sarilu) came from Colorado and she was the one who got us a damp cloth to clean ourselves with.
funny side story about the cake..........not sure Erica would like me sharing I'll get approval and share later.

Oh and I remember a tun, a tun of cousins and friends doing their part to help out and make it as nice as it could be, thanks everyone! :)

the point of this blog is that I have a weird memory, funny the little things you remember or don't remember.