Tuesday, July 28, 2009

fishing and hiking

this is our little friend we met while fishing, he is an elephant in case you cant see what we saw.

beautiful mirror lake

jasons aunt karen and grandma torg watching the fishing excitement! grandmas hat and glasses made us all laugh.

brady sitting by the lake

we are not really very good fishers, we caught nothing. Jason was in his spot for about twenty minutes.......no bites. He pulled his pull out and came to help me with something. some little kid walks upto the exact spot jason was at, throws in his line and two seconds later yells, " dad, I caught a fish!"

dahlia and mommy sitting by the lake, Dahlia loved throwing rocks in the water, maybe that had something to do wiht us not catching any fish. she kept bending over right there to pick up rocks. I was so nervous she was going to fall in.

We found a little hiking trail right off the lake. It looked more promising then the fish so we tried it out. I was fun but it got really hot right after I took this pic and I couldnt put dally down on the steep hill, I was hurring to get to some shade!

I found this moss just like this. someone left it there for to tell me they loved me!!

down on the board walk....

Friday, July 24, 2009


Mickey and Dally loved playing in grandmas motor home!!

we were able to go camping with Jason's family!! it was a lot of fun once we got there.... it took us about eight hours to get to the place that should take only two hours at the most. we were following Jason's uncle and cousin up with their motor home and truck pulling a fifth wheel, the motor home and truck started over heating on a small hill, then the motor homes brakes ended up freezing up, so AAA had to come and tow it to a shop. then the truck couldn't make it even down the highway pulling the trailer without over heating so we had to stop and leave the trailer on the side of the road, then no more stops after that. all together I think we stopped about 8- 10 times. Jason's other very kind uncle ended up going and picking up the trailer and bringing it up.

Dahlias favorite thing to do was get Dad to through rocks into the river. she would pint in that direction and say... "raw..........raw....raw..raw" over and over until he would finally take her.

the best part about camping is "Grandma Great Great" or Jason's grandma torg. this is dahlia feeding grandma grapes. It reminded me of the movie "Aladin" when the sultan (jasmines dad) is feeding jafars parrot the crackers.

Mic and Dee goofing off in Brady's tent!

the kids fought over the chair Dahlia is sitting in the whole time!!!

this is the cave Jason and Mickey built for the lion, Mickey was so proud!
We went hiking and fishing while we were there too.... more to follow.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


here is Jason rubbing it in Kaylas face that she couldnt strike him out, I think or maybe he is mad because she did strike him out not sure.

Here is dally just chillin

sorry forgot to turn this one

we got the tees out and these little balls that remind me of the balls in the Mcdonalds ball pit. usually mickey wants nothing to do with sports, especially if you try to play with him and teach him. I think he feels pressured, so he just shuts down. It was funny because Jason and I were in my moms house talking about that exact thing. we walked outside and kayla had him hiiting balls off the tee, then Dahlia got excited and joined in too, I was really surprised and impressed that mickey liked it so much!

eating and ENJOYING home made ice cream!

oh and here she is eating her corn on the cob!

grandpa webb cooking in the heat over the heat...... what a good guy, I love him! just so you know we ALL helped cook! just only took a pic of Dad.

not sure what jason was doing in this pic. haha, but doesnt Bobi look beautiful!

this is the part I did. browned the ribs on the lids before we put them in the dutch oven.

mickey and Dahlia played in the water all day! they play so well together!

Dahlia was trying to drink the water, but it was really cold on her face:)

my baby sister! I love my siters!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

presenting for the first time ever....aunt Hollee, uncle Jason and cousins Mickey and Dahlia

This is Mickey holding his first real cousin Caprie, she sat on his lap like this for about temn minutes strait, I was really surprised she didnt fuss or cry. It made Mickey feel so special because Caprie loved him to hold her! Dahlia just thought she was the best thing ever. every time I would hold her Dahlia would cry. she was jealous of me not the baby, she just wanted to hold the baby. I would sit her down put the baby on her lap, then the baby would start to fuss and cry so I would pick her back up, then Dally would start to cry, because she wanted to hold the baby even if she was crying.

Mickey htinking he is the most awesome cousin!

The minute Holly (jasons sister who lives in ohio) walked in Jason took the baby right away, he was so excited to meet baby stevie as he calls he because she looks just like her daddy.

look at the way she is looking at me....is that a smile? so cute, we love so much all ready and cant wait to spend more time with her!

Monday, July 6, 2009

torg car wash

This is one of the kids favorite activities in the summer. they love to wash all their outside toys/vehicles. they really needed it too, after all the rain we got. the rain caused a lot of mud.

here is ocifer torgy scrubbin down the ol cruiser.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

last friday it was atk lagoon day again! so much fun! the kids love it mickey couldnt stop talking about all week!

this was after the rainstorm scared most the people away!
I look so old and tired in this pic!

me and bobi and kayla AFTER the rianstorm

this is us hanging out against a wall and under a bit of shelter from the rainstorm.

dahlia didnt want to ride the ride below but once it started she loved it! check out her face!

yes mickey had a mohawk but for only like a week, i couldnt stand it, it wasnt centered right. oops!

mickey and dad on the odysea ride

dad and mic waiting in the longest line ever, well the line wasnt that long but very slow moving!

dahlia and dad waiting in that same long line.