Wednesday, October 22, 2008

sugar cookies

We have a tradition in my family to make sugar cookies, the only problem with our tradition is it is not firm or ever the same, but we love to make, and frost sugar cookiesaround the holidays. sometimes it is valentines day, christmas or this year we did Halloween cookies. Sometimes everone helps some, sometimes its just a few of us, and sometimes its just my mom and I, it is more fun when more people help! this time it was my mom and I and kind of Mickey and then Kyle came home and helped decorate a few too.

above is the ghost Mickey frosted. Before he picked it up for the camera, it had a lot more sprinkles on it!

Dahlias first home made sugar cookie

she liked then so much she wanted more!

Monday, October 20, 2008

no really, thank you

My kids are so lucky! they have two of the best grandmas ever! Grandma Torg and Grandma Julee make the holidays fun, I am so grateful we are able to live within driving distance of both grandmas.

Both grandmas have lots of fun costumes at their house that Mickey loves to try on. Dahlia gets to too, but not sure that she LOVES it.

I told you about the fun halloween package Grandma Torg sent with the movie, and halloween pajamas for the kids, slippers and hair accesories for Dahlia, candy pencils, erasers and more! We get packages from Grandma Torg often because she lives in Salt lake and cant just drop them off herself, it is always a good day when we get a package!

When ever Grandma Julee comes this month she brings her halloween bag, wich contains halloween surprises for the kids, such as costumes, masks, treats, stickers, flannel board game, books and more! one day she brought crete paper and lanterns to decorate mickeys room.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

thanks so much

Have you seen the movie Monster House?

I have about hmm..... 73 times.

Mickey got it in his care package for Halloween, from Grandma Torg. He loves it because it is SCARY he likes anything that has the scary element in it.

Yesterday after he disapeared into the bathroom for about five minutes, He yells, "WIPE MY HARRY BUTT!"

A line from the movie but twisted a bit. In the movie the kid pretends to tell his dad to kiss his harry butt, in a poor attempt to impress the neighbor girl he just met.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

dinosaur park

Last thursday Jason took the day off and we went down to Ogden to the Dinosaur Park. we were really excited, and people had told it us it was fun and about the moving dinosaurs. The entire week before we went Mickey asked to look on the "cuputer" to see the Dinosaur place. On the website it shows some dinosaurs and Mickey would ask which ones moved. I told him I didnt know, hoping they would all move!

When we got there the girl told us where the robotic dinosaurs were so of course we wanted to see those first.

Mickey liked then at first until they started moving then he slowly started whinning, getting more and more nervous, soon he was full out crying! Dahlia was just sitting there starring, but no hint of being scared. we wanted to get a picture of him with the dinosaurs, but he would only look away from the dinosaurs for a second. see the picture of me laughing my head off, while we tried to get a picture and mickey squeezing me so tight, while at the same time climbing up me.

then we put him back in the stroller and he was crying and pulling at his face, we were so mean just sat there and laughed at him.
The two dinosaurs in the picture were the only moving ones, I was a little dissapointed. At the park they were getting ready for halloween and had some scary decorations all over the park, I guess they do a little haunted house thing there when it gets closer to halloween or something. Mickey liked the decorations probably better then any thing else. We should have done every thing else first, then saw the robots, after that he was a little gun shy the whole time.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

fall leaves

Sunday we went for a drive in Logan canyon to see all the pretty fall leaves. Mickey was excited because i told him that when the leaves turn orange it is almost halloween. He was worried though because of the river that ran along the side of the road. He was worried we would fall in, and Jason kept teasing him so Mickey was screaming. after a while Mic started to fet sleepy and in an effort to keep him up till we found a place to get out, Jason told him he needed mickeys help so that he wouldnt drive into the water. eventually mickey did doze off for a minute, just before we found a place to get out. when we pulled off the road Jason perposefully did it kind of quickly. I think he may have said something too. It woke Mickey right up, he opened his eyes and said, "can i help you?" " are we in the water?" we said yes thinking it was obvious we were not. when i opened mickeys door so he oculd get out, he was confused because he wasnt getting out into the water. we fooled him! Here are some pics of the day. including one of Jason teasing mickey about driving into the water and one of mickey getting mad at him.