Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here are a few pics I took last week in my mom's backyard. the lilacs don't last very long, they are all gone now, and it seems like it took them forever to bloom.
do you like Dahlias dress? I got it for 2.99 and the little sweater I got for .99 and it is my favorite outfit she has!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

without a home

I don't know if it was staying up too late last night, having a busy non stop day or or just emotions, but I had a bit of break down last night. Its not my first since moving and definitely not my first since selling our home.
I had a headache just as it was time for bed. Normally (when we had our own home) I would have gotten out my Christmas present from Jason that you warm u in the microwave and put on your head or shoulders or whatever is in pain and it takes the pain away and helps you fall asleep.
These days I don't know where anything is. so thinking about my heat pack and going to get it, I realized I don't know where it is. I remembered where I kept in MY home. I suddenly felt... lonely and like I didn't have a place where I belonged, nothing that defined me. I started missing my old Roles; neighbor, visiting teacher, house keeper, the mom who walked across the street with both kids to take her son to preschool, primary worker, friend to my friends in Hyrum. I started to really miss my visiting teachers and the friendship we had developed. I missed having people (beside family) in my live on a daily basis who sincerely care about me and my family.
I miss mostly my friendships that I made in Hyrum and that makes me feel lonely. I had such a sense of belonging and purpose in Hyrum in the community as well as at church.
I had my little break down, then decided I needed to get to bed, by now it was like 1 am. so I tried to calm myself down, and as soon as I decided to say a prayer, I was calmed down almost instantly. Times like this I am so glad to have my Heavenly Father to give me the strength to get through hard times.
I know my hard times are not THAT HARD but I was caught in a moment of weakness.
I still love living here. everything is still going really well (as far as I can tell) No one has told me what is driving them nuts about us living here. I am sure they just figure it is only for like five or six more weeks they can handle it till then.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

preschool graduation

mickey graduated from preschool on May 20th. It wasnt the easiest thing for us. he would cry to go for the first few days both years. then each year when we would start talking about moving and our plans for school. Mickey would deal with the stress by not wanting to go to preschool, so he would act up and cry when it was time to go. Many times I left him crying in Miss Kris' arms. she was so good with him and loved him so much. we are so glad we got to know her and have her for Mickeys teacher. He has learned so much there. not only his letters, sounds, days of the week, holidays and numbers but also how to be a good friend how to take turns and be helpful.
Graduation is usually held outside in the yard, but this year was pooring so it got moved to inside the preschool room. It was a little cramped so I didn't get the best pictures. Mom, Dad and both Grandmas and Grandpas were able to come. after wards we went to Arctic circle for some ice cream and visiting. Mickey was in heaven sitting between both his Grandmas and Dahlia was so happy to be at another table with both her Grandpas and all their attention.
We are so glad everyone was able to make it and celebrate with us thanks Grandma Juwee, Grandma and Grandpa Torg and Grandpa Lylo!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

life living at home again

We have now been living at my parents house for like six or five weeks. It has flown by! I really like living here, witch surprises me. I was actually really worried about it. worried about my kids driving every one nuts making messes all over and the house being too loud for the kids to sleep at night (there are two dogs that live here, that love to alert you when anyone is here or driving by or sometimes even when a bird flies by). We have a really loud fan in the kids room and the dogs are not quit as alert at night. Not sure if it is just because they are tired or if my mom is slipping them a Benadryl here and there. ;)
One nice thing about living here is the neighborhood. there are sooo many little kids on just this street! a lot of them are right around Mickeys age and they play so well with my kids, some days I hardly see them. I know kind of scary.
Yesterday Mickey told me they were going to have a water party, but we had to go to the dentist. Today all the kids came to our house and Mickey asked me to get the slip and slide out for the water party. I didnt know WE were hosting the water party! they all got their suits on and while I was setting up the slip and slide one of the girls says, "Dahlia I like your swimming suit, its cute." Mickey says, " uh.. no-one likes mine? its cheetah!" next thing I know they (all girls) are all telling Mickey they like his suit and telling him he is their favorite man and chasing him around the yard! Mickey loved it!
My parents are so good to help with the kids when they go to bed they want everyone to come lay with them! so annoying. Mickey loves my mom so I hardly see him if she is home, he is right by her side talking her ear off and asking all kinds of questions.
My mom is full of fresh ideas of what to make for dinner, so I don't have to rack my brain. and if I happen to make something. everyone is more then appreciative!
Its fun to spend time with my sisters and Kellen when he comes. I am enjoying it because I am not sure how often we will get to come up and see them when we move to salt lake and are living on my part time wages. :(
I hope the next two years go by as fast and as pleasantly as the first month and a half has! wish us luck!