Monday, August 8, 2011

dahlias birthday celebration

Dahlia with her barbie cake!

we met at the west jordan park for her party, I thought it would be nice and shady, but it was pretty warm :/  this is dahlia blowing out her candles.

we got lots of pictures of her posing, by the balloons, by the presents, by the cake, anything she could think of

we got her a big girl bike! she is a natural on it!

she couldnt believe she got a barbie scooter AND a new bike!


Adam and JaCoy said...

I remember coming up to the hospital to see her. Time really flies! She is beautiful, just like her mommy.

Toni & Devin said...

Looks like fun! Her cake is so cute, and so is she - of course!!! Cant wait to see you!!!